Release Notes


Release date 01 Nov 2016

Bug Fix

  • #66 - Do not allow incidents for disabled events


Release date 25 Mar 2016

New Features

  • Modify JIRA ticket for existing incident
  • Bulk toggle of incidents
  • Bulk JIRA assignment of incidents
  • minor bugfixes


Release date 2 Sep 2015

New Features

  • JIRA support
  • Reports based on time range
  • Sorting of incidents based on time and count
  • migrates to Travis’ container build system


Release date 21 Jun 2015

New Features

  • event suppression
  • better application layout and installation script
  • integration of listener within the engine
  • use gevent for asynchronous processing of incidents
  • supports Django 1.8 (with new migrations)




New Features

  • get detailed list of incidents from most alerted elements
  • search incidents based on elements
  • view username for acknowledged and closed incidents


  • retry rabbitmq connection without crashing
  • better handling of messages (including retries) if DB connection drops
  • cleaner connection handler for rabbitmq_read
  • close connection after writing a message
  • increase default log rotation on 100MB
  • changes EventSearchForm to show updated team listings
  • removes obsolete dispatcher module
  • removes boolean comparison for NoneType in get_report_all_incidents


  • LDAP authentication support.
  • Auto-refreshing dashboards.
  • Search elements/hosts.
  • Generate report for most alerted elements/hosts.
  • Pagination for event code display.
  • Show plugin server’s name along with plugin names.
  • Lots of bug-fixes.


  • Fixes bug where team list was not getting updated when adding users.
  • Adds more validation to JSON strings accepted while adding incidents.


  • Fixes a critical template bug that didn’t allow adding plugin servers on fresh installation.
  • Couple of minor bug fixes.


  • Updated the helper scripts in bin directory.


  • Added RabbitMQ support.
  • Added bulk event creation feature (Tools -> Add events in bulk).
  • Added ability to export events in CSV.
  • UI will not allow creating events with duplicate summaries in the same category within user’s team.
  • Updated Django==1.6.5, Twisted==13.2.0, zope.interface==4.1.0
  • Launched the integration_tools repository to help integrate with 3rd party tools.
  • Lots of unittests, minor bug fixes, removal of cruft, etc.


  • Initial release